Shared Goals

You can make a difference! Your ideas and participation matter for the vitality and community of Sunset Heights. Have an influence on the issues that affect your quality of life! Start today by letting us know what you're interested in! A few idea starters are below. We welcome new creative ideas. Please let us know your point of view!


Our Goal

We're committed to our neighborhood in three ways:  informing, networking, and collaborating - all in the name of enhancing our quality of life here.  And as our founder "Chaz" Halbert said, "to make Sunset Heights a better place to live."  Let's make time to learn from each other and have fun doing it.  Join the welcoming committee to make sure all of our new neighbors feel right at home!


Why Sunset Heights?

Sunset Heights offers residents proximity to the unique shopping and dining experience of the Heights while living inside one of the most appealing and vital neighborhoods within it.  Almost everything you need is within 5 to 15 minutes.  It's an environment ready-made for raising gardens and raising children.  With such amenities, it's important for us to work together to enhance that experience.   


Live and Play

Browse our gallery to see our neighborhood in action